Moebius Story Leidecker – Snowghost Pieces

Album Review by Bram E. Gieben | 17 Jun 2014
  • Moebius Story Liedecker - Snowghost Pieces
Album title: Snowghost Pieces
Artist: Moebius Story Leidecker
Label: bureau b
Release date: 30 Jun

The new album by Cluster co-founder Dieter Moebius in collaboration with American composers and electronic producers Tim Story and Jon Leidecker (Negativland, People Like Us) operates at the intersection of krautrock and early electronic music. The trio stick close to that signficant fusion-point, employing the musique concrète approaches and motorik rhythms of the former, and the sonic sculpture of the latter. Throughout Snowghost Pieces, there is also considerable attention given to melody and structure – these pieces feel like compositions, not the highlights of extended jams. 

The Cluster influence is both welcome and expected, but Leidecker and Story bring their own approaches to bear just as effectively. Decrypting the wash of treated guitars, analogue electronics, rhythmically-employed field recordings and post-production effects is half the fun – dig deep and this album reveals layer after layer. Ambitious in its depth of texture, this is experimental music from the bleeding-edge, uniting veteran Moebius with two modern masters of the form. [Bram E. Gieben]