Marcel Dettmann – Conducted

Album Review by Ray Philp | 03 Nov 2011
  • Marcel Dettmann – Conducted
Album title: Conducted
Artist: Marcel Dettmann
Label: Music Man
Release date: 14 Nov

Invoking the spirit of Europe's favourite techno fortress for the second time since his inaugural Berghain 02 mix, Marcel Dettmann's Conducted offering is another sinewy 60ish minutes of rhythm-led techno. A facile analysis of Dettmann's resolutely eyes-down style of DJing might conclude that Conducted is a purist's pursuit, but it's not without its passages of levity.

Following Bluemoon Production's tape-worn warehouse keys (Night), While You Love Me's salacious latin vocal acts as one of several useful breaks from the mix's simmering intensity, the seedy, child-like vocal of Cheeba Stark's GoGo Bop being another. Conducted's thoughtful feel seems geared towards home listening – Don't Phonk is one of the few out-and-out ceiling smashers – but its slipperiness is a credit to Dettmann's guile. Once Escape Myself's Blawan-esque drum pattern gives way to Shed's best Pantha du Prince impression (44A), you can only admire the precision with which Dettmann orchestrates this expertly compressed hour of Berghain techno.