Kiko - Slave of My Mind

Album Review by Don McVinnie | 23 May 2008
  • Kiko - Slave of My Mind
Album title: Slave of my Mind
Artist: Kiko
Label: Different / Wall of Sound
Release date: out now

Following his first album Midnight Magic in 2001 - a quirky voyage of italo, electro, house and techno - Kiko finally puts together his second album, remarkable insofar as he has been producing for over a decade now. Slave Of My Mind is a much darker effort, twisting and winding around the bleaker stretches of your mind. Taking influence from minimal, techno, deep house, electro and electronica Kiko's extensive roster of genres is dangerous territory: potentially advantageous in that it might appeal to many, but also potentially debilitating in that it might appeal to no-one. However his production and vast experience in the field pay off with an album that is instantly alluring. In fact Kiko's ability to branch across genres is probably the main reason that this album remains listenable throughout. There is a wee bit of a Daft Punk vibe but it's far from wanking them off like much of today's electro. Sure to hold the floor at Death Disco.