Hey Enemy - The Wrong Songs To Right Wrongs
Hey Enemy - The Wrong Songs To Right Wrongs

Album Review

Album title
The Wrong Songs To Right Wrongs
Hey Enemy
Release date
5 Mar

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Playing Glasgow Bar Bloc on 8 Mar and Edinburgh Banshee Labyrinth on 9 Mar www.heyenemy.com

Hey Enemy – The Wrong Songs To Right Wrongs

3/5 stars
Album review by Ross Watson.
Published 23 February 2012

At first glance Hey Enemy don't seem so unique; there are countless riff-orientated rockers out there, and then Pink Steam comes in with the kind of typically flashy drumming and ever-familiar guitar tones we've all come to expect from a group like this.


Echoing the raw robot-rock of QotSA at their most infectious (I Am The Blues), they later evoke the much missed sleazy menace of Girls Against Boys (particularly on Chump Rebate) and more abrasive tendancies of fellow Scots Take a Worm for a Walk Week (check the deliciously nutty vocal performance on Happy Sanchez) across their debut's 35 minutes.


This transition from one idea to the next occurs at lightning speed, but never does the trio lose focus. Sure, Hey Enemy could be accused of borrowing a few key ideas from their presumed influences, but the appeal of The Wrong Songs to Right Wrongs lies more in the execution than its originality.