FOUND – Factorycraft
FOUND – Factorycraft

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Album title
Chemikal Underground
Release date
14 Mar

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Playing Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh on 3 Mar; Captain’s Rest, Glasgow on 14 Mar and supporting The Phantom Band at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh on 17 Mar.

FOUND – Factorycraft

4/5 stars
Album review by Darren Carle.
Published 23 February 2011

With their recent win of Creative Scotland's Vital Spark award and third album Factorycraft being given a leg-up by the ever daring Chemikal Underground, Edinburgh collective FOUND look set to continue their steady ascent. Where debut Found Can Move slowly unfurled in woozy layers of electro-glitch jazz and 2007 follow-up This Mess We Keep Reshaping compiled this into ragged, beat-laden experimental pop, Factorycraft takes sizeable steps towards cloaking such inner-workings.

Electro beats are honed into 4/4 timings, guitars sound like guitars and vocal melodies take a step in the spotlight. Opener Anti-Climb Paint is a relative slap in the face, immediate and direct in its three-chord ascending bridge and Machine Age Dancing’s interjecting chorus and Every Hour That Passes’ calypso coda will likely prick even casual ears. Album highlight Shallow might bask in their propensity for sonic adventure, however Factorycraft proves that FOUND may be making experimental music, but never for experiment’s sake. [Darren Carle]