Destroyer – Five Spanish Songs
Destroyer – Five Spanish Songs

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Album title
Five Spanish Songs
Dead Oceans
Release date
2 Dec

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Destroyer – Five Spanish Songs

3/5 stars
Album review by Chris Buckle.
Published 25 November 2013

With Dan Bejar’s piquant way with words a substantial part of Destroyer’s appeal, Five Spanish Songs may herald disappointment for those who don’t share the Canadian’s bilingual abilities. The result of waning interest in English’s expressive possibilities, it sees Bejar sing in the tongue of another in two senses – not only switching language, but covering songs by Seville songwriter Antonio Luque of Sr. Chinarro.

Still, even a relatively inessential Destroyer release stands above most else, and Five Spanish Songs is no different. Kaputt’s delectable lounge vibe cedes to a greater stylistic variety – from the glam-rock guitars of El Rito to the airy whisper of Bye Bye – and if the EP’s primary goal was to revitalise Bejar’s muse, its collateral pleasures are not inconsiderable. [Chris Buckle]