Damon & Naomi - More Sad Hits

Album Review by Euan Ferguson | 27 Nov 2008
  • Damon & Naomi - More Sad Hits
Album title: More Sad Hits
Artist: Damon & Naomi
Label: 20/20/20
Release date: 1 Dec

In their previous incarnation as arch sleep-rockers Galaxie 500, Damon and Naomi carved an interesting niche for themselves in the 80s Sub Pop scene. 17 years after striking out together, the duo have re-released their debut More Sad Hits. Reminiscent of the psychedelia of 13th Floor Elevators and the folky, dreamy soundscapes of Cocteau Twins, it certainly lives up to its melancholic title. Songs like Once More and This Car Climbed Mt Washington are quite poignant American indie, and the simply strummed Sir Thomas and Sir Robert evokes what The Pastels were doing over this side of the Atlantic around the same time. Overall, there is a stark and frail beauty to the work which stands out in 2008. True to the title though, if you make it through the whole 12 tracks in one go you might find yourself reaching for something like Steptacular for a bit of emotional redress. [Euan Ferguson]