Amazing Baby - Rewild
Amazing Baby - Rewild

Album Review

Album title
Amazing Baby
Release date
22 Jun

Amazing Baby - Rewild

3/5 stars
Album review by Ryan Drever.
Published 27 May 2009

Rewild has an overall airiness to its production that almost suggests a '60s vibe, with frequent soft and richly-layered harmonies echoing Beach Boys records, as they sit nicely behind an equally layered concoction of bluesy guitars and spaced-out synth. Headdress showcases this mellow yet busy mix perfectly, with the rest of the album continuing in the same vein but offering various different shades throughout. Dead Light begins in a typically slow fashion, but spirals into psychedelic territory; Old Tricks In Hell stands out as a modern interpretation of Echo and the Bunnymen, as done by Super Furry Animals. Pump Yr Brakes is by far the most pounding and raucous effort here, though: cranking up the volume and madness to whole new levels and really unleashing any and all prog-rock sensibilities the band may have buried deep inside, this track provides what could very well be a solid party piece and perfect punctuation to an interesting record.