Scott Weiland - "Happy" in Galoshes
Scott Weiland - "Happy" in Galoshes

Album Review

Album title
“Happy” in Galoshes
Scott Weiland
Release date
19 Jan

Scott Weiland – “Happy” in Galoshes

3/5 stars
Album review by Dave Kerr.
Published 07 January 2009

Although known more for his excesses than his music for too long now, it seems Scott Weiland had a weighty pop rock album in him all along. With guest appearances from Paul Oakenfold and three quarters of No Doubt — not to mention a writing partnership with INXS and alternating turns in the engineer's chair between Steve Albini and Sheryl Crow’s producer — the prospect of “Happy” in Galoshes might read like one big bowl of wrong on paper, but the outcome is confoundingly coherent.

Easily more focused than the narcotic haze of his solo debut 12 Bar Blues, this ambitious double disc finds the troubled troubadour refining his chameleonic tendencies and putting them to work effectively. From Weiland's myriad turns as straight-up rocker, Costello-esque crooner and glammed up Bowie disciple, a schmaltzy cover of Fame by the latter is his only fumble on this otherwise gratifying 88 minute trip. [Dave Kerr]