The Gutter Twins - Adorata
The Gutter Twins - Adorata

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Album title
The Gutter Twins
Sub Pop
Release date
2 Sep

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Digital E.P. available now via iTunes

The Gutter Twins - Adorata E.P

4/5 stars
Picks up exactly where Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan's debut collaborative LP left off
Album review by Paul Neeson.
Published 03 September 2008

This year's official meeting between two of alternative music’s halcyon day heroes, Mark Lanegan and Greg Dulli - under the appropriately seedy misnomer The Gutter Twins - promised to make for a thrilling weighing in of left field, heavyweight greats. The resulting album, Saturnalia, proved to be deeply steeped in Dulli’s white trash obsession and Lanegan's pandemic doomsday-isms whilst both held true to their roots and simultaneously regenerated. New iTunes only E.P release (consisting mostly of covers), Adorata, picks up exactly where Saturnalia left off, with both personas grappling beneath the lustrous theatricality of Dulli’s wail, and Lanegan’s gravel-torn growl. As stand alone tracks, most of what’s on offer here - particularly the inspired drama of Primal Scream's Deep Hit of Morning Sun, and Belles' (originally by Vetiver) surly drawl - stands proudly alongside anything either have collaborated on before. The only detraction is that, across these eight tracks, the two dark souls perhaps begin to pull you slightly too far in to their world. [Paul Neeson]