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Free Kitten

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Album title
Free Kitten
Ecstatic Peace
Release date
23 Jun

Free Kitten - Inherit

3/5 stars
The Yoof similarities will no doubt be welcomed
Album review by Emma Smith.
Published 20 June 2008

11 years in the making, Inherit is the fourth album to be released by Free Kitten, the post-punk supergroup masterminded by two of the most influential women in the alternative scene: Julie “Pussy Galore” Cafritz and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth legend, with Boredoms’ Yoshimi on drums to boot. Hell, even J. Mascis pops up. But, this appears to be a slightly uneven partnership; Gordon, practically titled 'Queen American Indie', has achieved as much success as anybody operating in her realm could hope to, something definitely reflected on this record.

The scuzzy, atonal, casually strummed guitars and beat-poetry style vocal deliveries instantly hark back to the early 80’s during Sonic Youth’s most experimental period. Discerning fans can think Bad Moon Rising, only sometimes significantly half-hearted in comparison. However the dream-inducing purrs of Gordon do stand in contrast with the sharper tones encountered when Cafritz takes the lead, and it's demaning of attention. The Yoof similarities will no doubt be welcomed by many, but the result is a record that's guilty of dwelling too heavily on nostalgia. No doubt this inheritance is more symptomatic of the time in which it was originally conceived than any particular bid to go retro. (Emma Smith)