Ghost Capsules – Ghost Capsules
Ghost Capsules – Ghost Capsules

Album Review

Album title
Ghost Capsules
Ghost Capsules
Release date
15 April

Ghost Capsules – Ghost Capsules

3/5 stars
Album review by Bram E. Gieben.
Published 03 April 2013

On the face of it, Ghost Capsules should work a treat, given that they are masterminded by venerated UK music producer and electronic innovator Tim Simenon of Bomb The Bass, backed by a drummer and synth player, and a singer, Laura Gomez, who is decent enough. Their lyrical concerns – from twilit fantasy weirdness to futurist SF love poems – are just odd enough to justify the shamelessly pop sheen of Simenon's production.

Rooted in classic electro, tracks like Game of Thrones and Inside just have no staying power. They are pleasant enough, but instantly forgotten. More interesting by far are the album's more reflective cuts – Magnetic Fields explores similar territory to Goldfrapp, Time and Matter flirts with Purity Ring's dark-but-saccharine aesthetic, but roots it in electro rather than R&B. Morgan Le Fay is like polished, radio-friendly witch house. But the bulk of the album, by focusing on four four beats, misses a trick and ends up average. Not dark enough – must try harder. [Bram E.Gieben]

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  • Just saw them live at a rooftop bar in brussels, Had no idea who was going to be playing but the ghost capsules just grabbed me from the very first track.

    Their live work was fantastic, and I'm buying their album as we speak. The so-so review doesn't do them any justice, Easily 4 star territory.

    Posted by Kal | Monday 01 July 2013 @ 02:30

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