Last Days – Whitecaps (Video Premiere)

Watch the new video for Whitecaps by Last Days

Video by Music Team | 20 Apr 2017

Edinburgh-based Graham Richardson has been making music under his Last Days moniker for ten years and is set to release his fifth album, Seafaring, on 19 May via n5MD, his first to receive a vinyl pressing.

Returning to the nautical theme covered with Last Days’ 2006 debut album Sea, Richardson draws inspiration from shipping routes, to Ernest Shackleton’s ill-fated voyage on the Endurance, to families being disjointed and reunited, aiming to show what the oceans present to us.

Ahead of Seafaring’s release, The Skinny are delighted to be premiering the music video for Whitecaps. “Each track on the new album is about a specific subject related to the sea and those who experience it,” explains Richardson. “This is one of the more quiet, minimal tracks, simply representing surface waves, which create ‘whitecaps’.

“Having listened to this track for months, the desire grew to have some imagery to go with it. I approached Tim Edgeler, a photographer also in Edinburgh, to ask if he could shoot some drone footage off the local coast, which he did at St Abbs Head, south east Scotland.

“The idea was deliberately very simple; to look straight down and slowly move across the sea, but as I experimented with the footage I started to deviate from the original plan,” he explains. “It was always meant to be slow and meditative, but much like when I make music, it evolved into something different to what I'd first envisaged, and began to match the slight foreboding the track has."

Seafaring is released on 19 May via n5MD. You can pre-order the album in the UK here or in the US here.