Wu Lyf
Wu Lyf

Wu Lyf @ SWG3, 17 March

4/5 stars
Live review by Bram E. Gieben.
Published 26 March 2012

Before they come on stage, Wu Lyf's set is dominated by the symbol which represents the band. It's more magickal glyph than logo: anyone who has tried their hand at a bit of sigil magic will recognise the stylised presence of each letter of the band's name, itself an acronym for World Unite: Lucifer Youth Foundation.


After a heart-stoppingly beautiful performance from support act Holy Esque, combining Cobain-like vocals with Joy Division's sense of atmosphere and space, Wu Lyf take the stage. Their sigil lights up, imbuing SWG3's stark warehouse with a ghostly, reverent glow. Singer Ellery James Roberts plays side-on to the crowd, teasing snaking, sinuous sounds from his organ, leading the band with his Followill-esque growl. The band build up an incredible head of steam, somehow wrenching the epic, ethereal sonics of their church-recorded debut EP from the bare warehouse space.


Culminating in a riotous, cathartic We Bros, to fist-punching, cheering and stage diving from the crowd (and indeed Roberts), the gig left all who attended it with a feeling of euphoria. The strange disconnect between the band's satanic name, Psychic TV-influenced visuals and uplifting heavy pop is irrelevant – these guys are bound for glory, and most likely stadiums too.