Neon Waltz @ Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh, 6 Sep

It’s no surprise that Sneaky Pete’s is full to the rafters tonight as Neon Waltz play one of their first Scottish shows since releasing their debut album

Live Review by Eala Macalister | 12 Sep 2017
  • Neon Waltz

Neon Waltz have toured relentlessly in recent months and years and it shows; not just in the fact they have built such a solid fan base, but also that they are now very tight, seemingly able to second guess each other’s movements and get better with each show. Beginning with Folklore, the six-piece take us on a whistle-stop, 40-minute tour of their debut LP Strange Hymns, full of swirling organs and thundering basslines played at huge volume. 

The better-known singles, Perfect Frame and Dreamers, have the fans singing along word-perfect to the delight of the band, and it's during I Fall Asleep that frontman Jordan Shearer’s vocal ability is really shown off with a hushed venue and just a guitar for backing. Shearer is magnetic throughout, one minute swaying eyes closed, the next looking at his mic stand like he wants to destroy it which, at times, he makes a good attempt at. Meanwhile, next to him, the guitarist and bassist share a mic in a Beatles-esque style.

All through the show the energy and passion of the John O’Groats band is obvious, as is their love for playing live. The delight at finally having their debut released into the world after three years in the making is evident and the fact it’s a weekday show doesn't dampen the enthusiasm of those lucky enough to get tickets.