LUCIA + The Ninth Wave @ The Berkeley Suite, 9 Apr

Live Review by Claire Francis | 19 Apr 2017

What does £3 buy you on a Sunday night in Glasgow? A whole lot of style, and substance too. For three quid tonight we're treated firstly to an unexpected but well-chosen venue for a live gig. Glasgow's Berkeley Suite makes a fitting home for the quirky art-pop of Fauves, before The Ninth Wave deliver a short but stylish set in support of their EP release.

Surely one of the best dressed bands in town, on stage The Ninth Wave are a photographer's dream. Lead by the lipstick adorned, bare chested, leather-collar sporting Haydn Park, the four-piece own their distinctive noise-pop sound, from the bass-driven Nothing is Certain to the goth-glam closer Reformation. While the set isn't technically perfect, it's a show of vitality and creativity from a group who deserve their title of 'ones to watch'.

Tonight's headliner LUCIA barely puts a foot wrong, delivering one of her best live shows to date. Making a red two-piece-suit look like a million bucks, she and her backing band power confidently through her Best Boy EP. Laden with pedal effects, Lose My Mind sounds extra-crunchy, and we're still scratching our heads as to why this grunge-pop gem isn't a radio hit yet. With an innate knack for an insouciant hook, LUCIA's future looks star-lined.

Squeezing every last bit of value out of that nominal entry fee, there's 'post-headliner' entertainment thanks to an eclectic set from Pleasure Bent, who create a funky vibe reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem with an assortment of bongos, drums, cowbell and synths. For those making it a late Sunday night, party tunes come courtesy of a DJ set from band-of-the-moment Catholic Action. Inventiveness and originality define tonight's showcase, from the choice of venue to the music itself, and prove once again that Glasgow is home to a wealth of superstars in the making.