Jimmy Eat World @ Barrowland, 19 Nov

Article by Chris Buckle | 23 Nov 2010
  • Jimmy Eat World

Tonight’s topped with two cuts from Bleed American and tailed with three more: you certainly can’t accuse Jimmy Eat World of misreading their fans’ desires. By privileging their 2001 classic so matter-of-factly, they temper any potential accusations of decline – an accusation that has felt overstated in recent press, premised on a false history of the Arizona soppy-rockers that willingly omits their long-held tendency towards corniness.

Tracks from Chase This Light and this year’s Invented may pack less punch, but they’re undoubtedly cut from the same cloth as undisputed highlights like evergreen emo-anthem Blister, aggro-pop bruiser Pain, and the aforementioned fourth album picks. At the outset, the pulverising title track coupled with a sentimental A Praise Chorus generates familiar exhilaration; at the close, an impeccable final trio (Get It Faster, The Middle, Sweetness) washes away any hints of blandness. Jimmy Eat World might be increasingly static, but they’re prevailing. [Chris Buckle]