Deftones @ O2 Academy, 12 Nov

Live Review by David Bowes | 16 Nov 2010
  • Deftones

While the past two years have seen an abundance of drama for Deftones, they've also seen the release of their strongest work since 2000’s futuristic metal epic White Pony. Opening their first Scottish gig in three years with new material might seem a risky gambit, but the reception to Rocket Skates is warming; newcomer Sergio Vega in particular shows considerable presence for his relatively green status.

What follows is a set consisting largely of songs from Diamond Eyes and from their first three albums, including an impressively executed rendition of Passenger where frontman Chino Moreno injects sufficient range in Maynard's absence. The transformation of Moreno from record to stage is always something to behold, both in terms of the development of his vocal approach over the years and his boundless energy, never remaining in any one spot for more than a split-second.

But the night's emotional highlight will have to remain a toss-up between a glorious performance of Minerva dedicated to Chi Cheng or the final torrent of energy released in closer 7 Words. By the end of the show, it’s a mystery as to whether the wet floor has been caused by beer, sweat or tears: it’s probably all three. [David Bowes]