The Metal Column – January 2012

Feature by Ross Watson | 06 Jan 2012
  • Henry Rollins

Aye, aye – so a new year means new beginnings, the kicking of old habits and the setting of goals, but let's just put the unrealistic stuff aside for the moment to focus on what really matters: badassery and those who will be dishing it out over the course of this admittedly pretty quiet month. Look closely though and there's still a few crackers guaranteed to help get your 2012 off to a roaring start.

After the inevitable post-New Year lull, local bros Casey Ryback bring the sleaze to Ivory Blacks (8 Jan). Expect some good ol' hard rock riffage with synths thrown on top for good measure. On the metalcore front, Yorkshire quintet Asking Alexandria are sure to provide sick breakdowns aplenty at the O2 ABC (12 Jan) with support coming from the equally 'brootal' blessthefall. Plenty of opportunities to show off your best crab-stances.

If that's not enough to shake the January blues, take note: U.S. exports The Saddest Landscape will be bringing their cathartic form of screamo across the pond to The Banshee Labyrinth (13 Jan) with We Were Skeletons, giving you the perfect opportunity to air your grievances. It might just prove to be a therapeutic experience. But if you're looking for something a bit different, hardcore punk legend Henry Rollins is your huckleberry for a more suitable alternative. Catch his always insightful, political and rant-filled spoken word show at the Glasgow Royal Concert Halls on the same night. Fifers can see him play Dunfermline's Carnegie Hall (14 Jan). Your move, creep.

Classic rock worshippers Morpheus Rising bring triumphant heavy metal in the vein of Iron Maiden or Iced Earth. They're playing Bannerman's (14 Jan), but if you're looking to see some seasoned vets in action, the current incarnation of Thin Lizzy have got you covered. The boys are back at the Barrowlands (19 Jan). What's more, they're set to be joined by Neil Fallon’s Maryland stoner gods Clutch. An odd pairing, but it could turn out to be a pretty special one.

The going gets tougher as we approach the end of the month. Deathcore band The Black Dahlia Murder are sure to disintegrate eardrums when they hit up the Cathouse (22 Jan). They'll be joined by blackened-thrash outfit Skeletonwitch and symphonic tech-metal weirdos Fleshgod Apocalypse. That's a relentless line-up, so you'd best be bringing yer lug plugs – earning a lethal dose of tinnitus wasn't on your list of New Year’s resolutions, now, was it?