Trailer for Carrie Fisher-Debbie Reynolds HBO doc

HBO have released a bittersweet trailer for their new documentary following Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, which will air this week on the US channel

Feature by The Skinny | 04 Jan 2017
  • Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds in Bright Lights

Over the Christmas holidays, movie fans were hit by a one-two punch: the deaths of Star Wars star Carrie Fisher on 27 Dec and her equally iconic mother, Debbie Reynolds, a day later. Get ready for more tears, as HBO have recently released a trailer for the doc Bright Lights, which follows the spiky relationship between the two.

“Mother and I live next door to each other,” says Carrie Fisher at the beginning of the poignant trailer, which goes on to give a glimpse into the women’s close but eccentric relationship. “I’m my mom’s best friend,” she continues. “Far more than I would ever want to, I know what my mother feels and wants." Reynolds adds cheekily, “I share everything with my daughter – especially the cheque.”

Watch the bittersweet clip in the player below.

If you’re looking for more moving tributes to Fisher, you’ll find no better than Sharon Horgan’s saccharine-free love-letter to the star that was published yesterday in the Guardian, where she recalls their last meeting before Christmas. “I want everyone to remember her and all the great things she was,” writes Horgan. “A wonderful writer, a fine actress, a great mother, a caring daughter, a loyal friend, a wit, a prolific present-giver, a lunatic, a legend.”

Bright Lights screens 7 Jan on HBO