the victim
the victim

Film Review

Film title
The Victim
Michael Biehn
Michael Biehn, Jennifer Blanc, Danielle Harris
Release date
24 Sep

The Victim

3/5 stars
Film review by Scotty McKellar.
Published 10 September 2012

When you've fought killer robots from the future, aliens with acid for blood and flesh-eating zombies, what do you do next? Veteran genre actor Michael Biehn takes on a new challenge: writing, directing and starring in a nasty little grindhouse picture that feels like it slithered out of the bottom of the VHS pile.

When a prostitute is brutally murdered by two dirty cops, a mysterious loner steps up to protect the only witness. Biehn and his crew, some doubling as actors, do a great job of replicating the feel of a forgotten 80s thriller on a low budget. The sleazy camera shots, cheesy music, sex and gore we might expect are all there, but there's a sense that the obvious talent involved could be shooting higher. Despite a story that flatlines too often and a last second twist that comes too late, this is still a nice first effort from Biehn who clearly has more to give us.