Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me
Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me

Film Review

Film title
Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me
Drew DeNicola, Olivia Mori
Andy Hummell, Jody Stephens, Mike Mills, Alexis Taylor

GFF 2013: Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me

4/5 stars
Film review by Chris Buckle.
Published 21 February 2013

Nothing Can Hurt Me tells the story of Memphis power pop icons Big Star in a very conventional music-doc manner, complete with all the expected genre hallmarks: musician fans pop up to sing the band’s praises (with talking heads including REM’s Mike Mills and Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor); archive footage strives to give a sense of why so many still care so deeply; and those party to events (including members Jody Stephens and the late Andy Hummel) offer first-hand testimonials that together build a portrait of the band’s successes and failures.

But while the format is routine, the execution is first-rate, skirting hagiography and comprehensively essaying not only Big Star’s all-too-brief existence, but also the band’s extended family tree – from frontman Alex Chilton’s time in the Box Tops through to his perplexing solo ventures; from cowriter Chris Bell’s early steerage to posthumous masterpiece I am the Cosmos. The results should satisfy both long-term acolytes and those newly curious of Big Star’s timeless artistry. [Chris Buckle]

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  • I was there in the early '70's Memphis party scene. Same girls, same clubs, same influences. I didn't personally know the guys, but I knew who they were individually. Unfortunately, I don't remember a lot of concert opportunities to see the band, although if you were well connected (or a beautiful girl) it was possible to gain entry to Ardent for sessions. They were very highly regarded, with only Jack Holder and The Hot Dogs as rivals on the scene. But they were a completely different blues rock/boogie band. That Particular Scene was one of my favorite times in life!

    Posted by Johnny McDaniel | Wednesday 27 February 2013 @ 16:00

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