Film Review by Zaineb Al Hassani | 20 Jul 2009
  • Oasis
Film title: Oasis
Director: Lee Chang-dong
Starring: Kyung-gu Sol, Moon So-ri, Nae-sang Ahn
Release date: 10 Aug
Certificate: 15

Just released from prison for manslaughter, socially inept outcast Jong-du (Kyung-gu Sol) finds himself falling in love with the seriously disabled daughter of the man he was jailed for killing. Finding solace in each other’s company, the two try and carry on their romance in spite of their families’ lack of support and understanding.
Moon So-ri excels in capturing the physical and mental anomalies of Gong-ju - going so far as being hospitalized shortly after filming due to contorting her body for such lengthy periods – and as her relationship with Jong-du flourishes, so does her imagination: with day trips out being expertly conveyed by both the actress and director Lee Chang-dong as fantasy sequences in which Gong-ju sees herself as a healthy young woman. Lee Chang’s portrayal of the relationship is an uneasy one to watch – somewhat inevitable given the social and physical awkwardness of the couple – but there is an underlying innocence between the two that is oddly captivating, and at times comic to behold.