Don't Worry About Me
Don't Worry About Me

Film Review

Film title
Don't Worry About Me
David Morrissey
Helen Elizabeth, James Brough
Release date
March 8 2010

Don't Worry About Me

3/5 stars
Film review by Michael Gillespie.
Published 02 March 2010

Produced for the stage by its two out-of-work stars, actor David Morrissey (Red Riding, Blackpool, The Deal) adapts a slight but affecting drama into a kind of blue collar Before Sunrise. David (Brough) is an under-achieving Londoner who foolishly pursues a one-night stand to Liverpool: the consequences aren’t good. Stranded, he pops into the bookies for a cup of tea, where the kindly cashier (Elizabeth) offers him a tip that pays off enough for the two of them to spend the day together. Predictably, they will expose their worst fears, secrets, hopes and flaws, and do the whole “lonely souls entwining” thing you always get in films like this. Fortunately, for all its first act tweeness, it takes a shocking but fearlessly honest turn, and evolves into an authentically bittersweet and moving love story. There’s sentiment but not sentimentality, romance without naivete, and while there’s something of the travelogue about its Merseyside locales, it’s a film the city can be proud of.