Tiny Furniture
Tiny Furniture
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Tiny Furniture
Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham, Laurie Simmons, Grace Dunham
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Tiny Furniture

3/5 stars
Film review by Matthew Stanger.
Published 26 March 2012

After graduating from her film studies degree, Aura (director Lena Dunham) returns to her mother's home with a lack of both professional and personal direction. The bubble of student life is yet to pop and, fresh from being dumped by her hippie boyfriend, Aura seems happy to kick back and wait until an opportunity falls into her lap. The only problem is, there are no job prospects on the horizon and no one feels as sorry for her as she'd like them to.

Exploring the nuances of family life while acting alongside her real mother (Laurie Simmons) and sister (Grace Dunham) must have been quite an odd art imitating-life experience for the precociously talented Dunham. Comparisons to Woody Allen and Wes Anderson are perhaps a little premature, but their influences certainly play a part. Tiny Furniture has been crafted in minute detail by a young filmmaker clearly bursting with ideas, quite the opposite of the film's main protagonist.