Zoe Lyons 'Some Random'

Review by Iain Gorman | 28 Mar 2012
  • Zoe Lyons

It's a predominantly female audience that settles into their seats in the Stand ready for Zoe Lyons' show Some Random and on the face of it that's exactly what she treats us to; some random stories. However this summation would do Lyons a disservice as she's clearly a very skilled performer, gleefully teasing stories from her audience before linking flawlessly with her own material, including some very funny and fresh jokes about Australia brought to the fore thanks to the much travelled Australians in the front row.

She's a visually engaging comedian with a terrific range and a lot in her locker, including several spot on accents that really flesh out her stories and bring her characters to life. There's no tired material on show here and while some of the jokes don't land it's only a matter of time before another big laugh comes along.

Lyons is sharp and perceptive with a tremendous turn of phrase; an affable raconteur with bountiful supplies of energy. No section of the small stage remains unvisited as she bounds around with a ubiquitous grin, clearly enjoying herself. It's contagious as the audience are completely on-board from the get go and when the time comes to leave the grin has leapt from Lyons and onto the faces of everyone else.

The Stand, March 25 as part of the Glasgow International Comedy Festival http://www.zoelyons.co.uk/