Will Setchell: 'I Feel Like I'm Dying and I'm Filled With Regret @ GICF, 25 March

Review by Jenni Ajderian | 28 Mar 2012
  • Will Setchell

At age 23, Will Setchell is taking steps into the terrifying plains of Adulthood, and would like to tell us about it. From his early days running around a farm in a batman costume, the young comedian has been blessed with a family rich in quirks and ample wit to interpret them. All cheekbones and woolly jumper, Setchell's breathless storytelling is timed perfectly, stopping for breath and to allow us time to laugh as he flings out another punchline, before moving on to yet more entries from the chronicle of a life at once short, eventless and captivating.

This chronicle is not nearly as macabre as its title might suggest- Setchell merely underlines the fact that we're all doomed to get older and taller, but that these formative years are ones which will never leave us. A local and wonderfully proud of it, this is a face you should expect to see a lot of on the comedy circuit in the near future. If there is any justice in the world, Will Setchell should have a far bigger stage, and very very soon

Vespbar, March 25 as part of the Glasgow International Comedy Festival. . http://www.theimpenetrableclick.com