GICF '12 PREVIEW: Raymond Friel 'Man vs Woman'

Award-winning screenwriter Raymond Friel presents his first sketch show, aided by a cracking cast

Preview by Bernard O'Leary | 13 Mar 2012
  • Man Vs Woman

Most important question first: Tell us about your show.

Man v Woman is a fantastically funny sketch show starring Burnistoun's Gerry McLaughlin, up and coming stand up Davey Connor and the one and only Ashley Storrie. The show is on at 8pm, Vespbar, Saturday March 31st. See them now before they are so successful they choke on each other's vomit.

What's going to be unique about this performance of your show?

This will be the first time the show has ever been performed! It's gonna be one of those 'where were you when?' moments like the assassination of JFK. Yes, exactly like that.

Due to a lawsuit, you're forced to rename your show. What do you call it?

The JFK Assassination Experience.

If your show was a dear friend who had just died, what would you say about it in your eulogy?

She often said what you didn't want to hear at the time, looking back we really didn't appreciate she was just telling us what was staring us in the face.

What inspires you, other than comedy itself?

The 80s TV series Manimal. Especially the moment at the end of every episode when an exotic animal would appear, like an elephant or giraffe for example, and there would be split second when Brooke thought it was Jonathan before he would appear and they would both laugh. One time she even started a conversation with a fly thinking it was him, the moron.

Is there anything in particular that you're looking forward to about playing in Glasgow?

The Glasgow audience.

Or anything you're dreading?

The Glasgow audience.

If you were organising a fantasy comedy night, who would you have as MC, support and main act?

Tony Clifton; Richard Pryor; Spinal Tap.

Who else are you going to see during the Glasgow Festival?

Davey Connor and Absolute Improv

Twitter or Facebook?

Impossible for me to spend any time of my life choosing.

The opening sequence of Manimal, arguably the greatest TV show ever made.

Man vs Woman is at Vespbar on Saturday 31 March at 8pm. Tickets £8/£6!/shows/383