GICF '12 PREVIEW: James Acaster 'Amongst Other Things'

As seen on Russell Howard’s Good News, one of the country’s most exciting young comedians comes to Glasgow.

Preview | 08 Mar 2012
  • James Acaster

Most important question first: Tell us about your show.

It’s me doing stand-up, I talk about things I like, things that disappoint me and pretend to look at donuts.

What's going to be unique about this performance of your show?

It will be in Glasgow on St Patricks day. This will not only be a unique performance of the show but a unique experience for me full stop.

Due to a lawsuit, you're forced to rename your show. What do you call it?

Scream If You Wanna Acaster.

If your show was a dear friend who had just died, what would you say about it in your eulogy?

He always had time for others and was patient to the bitter end.

What inspires you, other than comedy itself?

There’s a guy who tap dances on the tube in London, he’s cool.

Is there anything in particular that you're looking forward to about playing in Glasgow?

Being at the festival will be a great experience, performing my show and watching other comics shows will be lots of fun

Or anything you're dreading?

I’m performing on St Patrick’s Day

Where do you stand on Scottish Independence?

I would like to leave it up to the Scottish, unless they would like me to help with the decision but that wouldn’t be very independent

Who would get your vote as president of an independent Scotland?

David Cameron (I am not in any way serious about this)

What's your favourite comedy festival in the world?


If you were organising a fantasy comedy night, who would you have as MC, support and main act?

John Fashanu – MC, Bez – support, Christopher Walken - main

Who else are you going to see during the Glasgow Festival?

Not sure actually, Josie Long is on and her show is very good

Would you like to make a disparaging comment about the Edinburgh Fringe in order to appeal to the Glasgow public? (Don't worry, nobody will remember this by August)

The Edinburgh Fringe is a lot worse at being near your house than the Glasgow Fringe

Twitter or Facebook?

Facebook, although I spend more time playing Solitaire

James Acaster 'Amongst Other Things' is at Blackfriars Basement on Saturday 17 March, 8.30pm. Tickets £9/£7!/shows/283