GICF '12 PREVIEW: Dogshit Johnson 'One Small Step'

Comedy bluesman Dogshit Johnson brings an hour of his unique brand of six-string philosophies to Glasgow

Preview by Bernard O'Leary | 09 Mar 2012
  • Dogshit Johnson

Most important question first: Tell us about your show.
The show is a all about where I come from, and where I am now. What I've learned, and what I've totally made up. Why my Daddy's wanted in 17 states, and why my kid's don't really look like me. Spoken through the expression of words, music and the hairy bits of my face.


What's going to be unique about this performance of your show?

My beard is gonna be fresh from the dry cleaners.


Due to a lawsuit, you're forced to rename your show. What do you call it?

It was originally to be named “Isms and Blues”, but the more I looked at the word Isms, the less it seemed like a combination of letters that made sense. Like when you repeatedly say the word 'purple'.


If your show was a dear friend who had just died, what would you say about it in your eulogy?

He was a worldy man with funny things to say, but his appearance usually ruined this.


What inspires you, other than comedy itself?

I'm inspired by the Blues. With the Blues you can express yourself and deal with the problems in your life. It basically means you can have a damn good whinge about something, but still look cool.


Where do you stand on Scottish Independence?

I'm not sure. I reckon an annual Independence Day in Scotland would be another black mark on the calender of the emergency services.


Who would get your vote as president of an independent Scotland?
Forest Whitaker


What's your favourite comedy festival in the world?
I'd have to say Mardi Gras back in my home town of Brownsville, Louisianna. Don't know if y'all ever seen a bunch of farm boys and hicks try and be flamboyant – but it's funny.


Regional current affairs. Fill in the blank space below Rangers_____LOL:

We can't have Rangers disappear, or that Yogi Bear will run wild.


Dogshit Johnson, 'One Small Step' is at The State Bar, Friday 16 March at 9pm. Tickets £5!/shows/330