GICF '12 PREVIEW: Adam Kay from Amateur Transplants 'Adam Kay’s Smutty Songs'

Amateur Transplants front man Adam Kay sits at a grand piano and sings smutty songs

Preview by Bernard O'Leary | 06 Mar 2012
  • Adam Kay

Most important question first: Tell us about your show.

Adam Kay’s Smutty Songs involves me sitting at a grand piano, swearing at strangers for 90 minutes. Although it feels quite a lot longer than that.

What's going to be unique about this performance of your show?

The smallest audience ever seen at the Citz.

Due to a lawsuit, you're forced to rename your show. What do you call it?

I guess “Tim Minchin” would make financial sense

Where do you stand on Scottish Independence?

I’m slightly nervous about it to be honest. I live in London with my Scottish boyfriend – if Scotland gets independence I don’t particularly want him to get deported back.

Who would get your vote as president of an independent Scotland?

As an English guy, if I get a vote you probably haven’t gained the sort of independence you were hoping for.

If you were organising a fantasy comedy night, who would you have as MC, support and main act?

If I’m allowed anyone alive or dead at my fantasy comedy night, I’d go for MC Craig Campbell (alive), support Simon Evans (alive) and main act Michael McIntyre (dead).

Who else are you going to see during the Glasgow Festival?

So far, tickets sorted for Doug Stanhope.

Would you like to make a disparaging comment about the Edinburgh Fringe in order to appeal to the Glasgow public? (Don't worry, nobody will remember this by August)

Why would I do that – I don’t want to offend anyone. Besides, isn’t Glasgow a suburb of Edinburgh?

Twitter or Facebook?

Twitter - @amateuradam

From Amateur Transplants 'Adam Kay’s Smutty Songs' is at Citizens Theatre, Saturday March 31. 8pm, tickets £15.!/shows/234