Daniel Sloss 'The Joker'

Scotland’s half-man-half-Xbox, hormone-ridden comic prodigy prepares to shoot his first live DVD at the Glasgow Fest

Preview by Bernard O'Leary | 14 Mar 2012

Most important question first: Tell us about your show.

It's me. Telling jokes. With a microphone. To an audience (hopefully) and its being recorded for my first DVD

What's going to be unique about this performance of your show?

It's all my best material from the past 4 years crammed into a show for the DVD.

Due to a lawsuit, you're forced to rename your show. What do you call it?

Daniel Sloss - 'Fuck You, Lawsuit Pricks'

If your show was a dear friend who had just died, what would you say about it in your eulogy?

I had great fun with this guy but I'm pretty sure he took my innocence.

What inspires you, other than comedy itself?

Happy people. Not overly happy people, they're soooo annoying with their smiles and optimism. But I know a lot of people who are just genuinely nice people, and they're happy. I hope people see me like that.

Is there anything in particular that you're looking forward to about playing in Glasgow?

Glasgow has never failed to make me enjoy a gig and come off stage going 'By Christ I love Glasgow'

Where do you stand on Scottish Independence?

I'm a 21 year old stand-up comedian who never went to Uni. Don't ask me for my opinions, they're wrong.

Who would get your vote as president of an independent Scotland?

Who ever my dad told me to vote for. He's always right.

What's your favourite comedy festival in the world?

Don't have one. It's like asking someone for their favourite sexual position. I'm always going to enjoy it and it depends on the company and how drunk I am.

If you were organising a fantasy comedy night, who would you have as MC, support and main act?

Kai Humphries as MC, he's my support act on your and great at warming a crowd up. Mark Nelson as support coz he makes me laugh like no one else. And headliner would be Tom Stade, coz he's Tommy fucking Stade. That's a line up I'd love, and I fully intend to make it happen.

Who else are you going to see during the Glasgow Festival?

Tom Stade, David Connor and what ever else takes my fancy at the time

Would you like to make a disparaging comment about the Edinburgh Fringe in order to appeal to the Glasgow public? (Don't worry, nobody will remember this by August)

I love the Edinburgh festival. It's a month of alcohol abuse and late nights and I know that even though it's in Edinburgh any Glaswegian likes the sound of that.

Regional current affairs. Fill in the blank space: RANGERS __________ LOL


Twitter or Facebook?

Depends on who I'm trying to groom

Daniel Sloss 'The Joker' is at King's Theatre, Saturday 31 March at 4.30pm & 7.30pm. Tickets £15.50/£11 conc. Pre-order the DVD of The Joker: http://amzn.to/yjXq1Z http://www.glasgowcomedyfestival.com/shows/#!/shows/213