Corporeality@ Dance Base

Three artists' response to dance

Review by Stephanie Green | 20 Aug 2012
  • Corporeality

All of the artists represented in this exhibition at Dance Base and the curator herself, Adeline Bourret, are all also involved in the world of dance or physical movement. Laura Gill, a recent graduate from ECA, takes dance classes at Dance Base; Iona Kewney, a Fine Art graduate who then trained in dance, is now a performance artist who has worked with Cirkuspiloterna in Sweden; and Brian Hartley, photographer, theatre and dance set and costume designer, runs his own multi-disciplinary company, Still Motion.

The three artists' work could not be more different and this makes fascinating viewing, each trying to capture the ephemeral nature of movement in a lasting impression. Laura Gill explores line and pattern, in lyrical loops and swirls reminiscent of Celtic knot-work, the repetition suggestive of movement. Iona Kewney is obsessed with muscle, as she probably is in her performance work, her use of graphite giving a strong physicality and realism. However, I was most taken by the more original and evocative work of Brian Hartley's subtle scribbles of light over blurred photographs of dancers, whom members of Dance Base will have fun trying to identify.

Around Dance Base, throughout the festival, Free. Dance Base, 14-16, Grassmarket, EH1 2JU;;