The Skinny Awards: Shortlist Announced

We’re thrilled to announce that this Thursday 21 August, we will be hosting a Skinny-style knees-up in celebration of the brightest talent on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – this year we launch the first ever Skinny Awards

Feature by Vonny Moyes | 18 Aug 2014
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As champions of emerging talent, we’re using our position as Scotland’s largest independent arts and culture magazine to pay homage to the plethora of talent Edinburgh is fortunate to host each year during the Fringe festival.

As a publication grown from the sterling efforts of a handful of dogged volunteers, into a monthly print magazine now in its ninth year, we recognise the importance of both vision and determination – a sentiment echoed by every act who pours their soul into an idea that eventually becomes their Fringe baby. Given the number of award ceremonies that take place each year, talent is clearly recognised – however, without a sponsor, affiliation or agenda beyond exalting that talent, we think there’s room for one more. With our reputation for being an independent critical voice with an eye on talent, the time has come for us to take that recognition beyond the page, and straight to those who really make the festival what it is. Bring on The Skinny Awards.

After much deliberation we’ve decided on three main awards to illuminate those we feel really deserve a place on the cultural landscape. The categories are Fringe Genius – the award for best original show, Debutant­ – the award for best newcomer doing their first full length show, and Talk of the Town – an award for the show with the biggest impact. Decided by a panel of experienced Skinny critics, fresh-faced judges and culturally savvy independents, who identified our four and five star shows, then attended, adjudicated and deliberated, before arriving at our nominees. We’re standing together as a unified voice that supports the most inspiring acts in this year’s programme. We’re excited to announce our first shortlist for each category:

The Fringe Genius award 

For most original show
Barnie Duncan —  Calypso Nights
Richard Gadd — Breaking Gadd
Sam Simmons — Death of a Sails-Man

Debutant award

For best newcomer
Natasia Demetriou — You'll Never Have All of Me
Nick Coyle — Double Tribute
Pierre Novellie is Mighty Peter​

Talk of the Town award

For cultural impact
Luisa Omielan – Am I Right Ladies?
The Colour Ham – The Colour Ham
Juliette Burton – Look At Me

In keeping with the indie spirit of the magazine, we’re utilising the talents (and liberal arts degrees) of our multi-tasking team, and pulling a ceremony together that reflects the renegade DIY ethos that fuels us, with hand-crafted one-off awards and a line-up of four of the best headline comedians at the festival. In between our pontificating and prize-giving you’ll be treated to sets from Mae Martin, Abigoliah Schamaun, Brent Weinbach and Trevor Lock. We may not have a £10,000 prize to give out, but we can promise a party, high-fives and the full chorus of Scotland’s best-known cultural magazine saying, “Hey. We believe in you!”

See you there, yeah?

The Skinny Awards, Creative Exchange, Thu 21 Aug, 6-9.30pm