Spencer Jones @ Heroes, Monkey Barrel

Spencer Jones is not quite ready for his big audition, but still gets the job done

Review by John Stansfield | 11 Aug 2017
  • Spencer Jones

Spencer Jones is quick to point out that his new show, Audition, is a few rungs below what might be described as “ready”. So much so that he has pre-made a song called Something’s Gone Wrong that the sound tech duly plays whenever something inevitably goes tits up, which is a good few times. If you’ve ever been to a Spencer Jones show you may be wondering when things went entirely right? That’s the beauty of The Herbert (Spencer’s alter ego that he morphs in and out of): you never know what’s going to happen and, seemingly, neither does he.

There is a story this time with The Herbert up for an important audition and the routines he goes through to practice and build confidence. But of course these include building props and pals out of tennis balls and a vibration plate that set to quite an alarming speed. Not everything works and Spencer knows that, but his imagination is so plentiful that he is able to move to the next thing without a care. Any new Spencer Jones show is worth checking out for pure dumb fun, and the sooner he releases an album of his looped tracks the better.

Spencer Jones: The Audition @ Heroes, Monkey Barrel (Headroom), until 27 Aug (not 15), 6.20pm, £7/PWYW