Sisters @ Pleasance Courtyard

Sketch double act Sisters are doing it for the fame

Review by James McColl | 11 Aug 2017
  • Sisters

Unashamedly fame hungry, sketch double act Sisters (Mark Jones and Christy White-Spunner) take to the stage in a whirlwind of energy. The pair introduce themselves and their goal of comedy world domination, by any means. In White Noise, their first full hour at the Fringe, laughs are plentiful, sketches subversive, and the humour strange enough to keep the audience guessing. Yet, Sisters have given themselves a somewhat unnecessarily preoccupation with FaceTime and streaming viewing numbers.

Before the show begins, the audience is bombarded with FaceTime users who are watching from around the world. Confused as to why they have been called, the FaceTime users try to understand why Sisters would ring them and who exactly Sisters are.

Who is the audience for this show? It is hard to say as 'Sisters FaceTime Roulette' is the pair's default interest. Though a sketch show in nature, the duo have ideas for something greater. In an age where comedians are increasingly taking to YouTube and social media as a platform for stardom, the pair lambaste such nihilistic endeavors – if this approach will ultimately pay off is another matter. Despite this periodical distraction, there is a fury to the flurry of sketches that is promising.

Sisters: White Noise, Pleasance Courtyard (This), 2-27 Aug, 7.15pm, £6.50-9.50