Silence of the Trams II @ The Stand

Article by Bernard O'Leary | 24 Aug 2010
  • Silence of the Trams II @ The Stand

Committees, eh? We have two skits tonight about the committee-think behind Edinburgh's barking mad tram project. Sadly, neither of them caused the Silence of the Tram II crew to question the committee ethic that has led to this slightly wearying collection of sketches.

The five guys involved are all reasonably talented and display some pretty
impressive accents and acting skills while executing each scene. The show is
often at its strongest when they're performing alone and Gordon Alexander,
man of the match tonight, steals the show with his solo character-based pieces.

It's when they try to work together that the show gets slightly derailed. There
is no structure to the show, no attempt to build up momentum. Decent sketches are dragged out until all remaining goodwill is sucked out of the audience; bad sketches occur with worrying frequency. Nobody seems to have an overall vision for the show. 

It's not completely terrible, just disappointingly mediocre and not good enough when there are thousands of competing acts at the Fringe.

The Stand, 23-29 Aug, 6.40pm £7 (£6)