Phoebe Walsh @ Pleasance Courtyard

Phoebe Walsh's show is irresistible

Review by James McColl | 11 Aug 2017
  • Phoebe Walsh

Not many stand-ups could make a show like I’ll Have What She’s Having: Phoebe Walsh is able to vocalise the obsessive nature of love that most of us share.

Walsh’s dissatisfaction with online dating manifests itself in her own brand of darkly confessional humour that never goes so far as to shock, but leaves the audience feeling uncomfortable with what they’ve learned. The honest bareness of Walsh’s stand-up gives her show an energy and excitement that many acts simply do not have. The nihilistic and fake pretence of couples’ Facebook photos understandably grate on the comedian, who continually returns to the subject. It’s fair to say that her search for love – or at least companionship – is the drive of her show.

At times Walsh seems to wilfully contradict herself, never truly revealing what she wants from her relationships. This is often played for laughs, albeit with a dark undertone. Dissecting even her closest relationships with wit and hilarity, Walsh is not one to pull any punches.

Phoebe Walsh: I'll Have What She's Having, Pleasance Courtyard (That), until 27 Aug (not 14), 9:30pm, £8-11