Obama Mia! @ The Caves

Article by Jenni Brooks | 23 Aug 2010
  • Obama Mia!

It's three days before the 2008 US presidential elections and Barack Obama has fallen into a hope-induced coma. Can his hapless team keep the campaign on track until polling? And will anyone notice as they replace him with a goofball actor who can’t even remember the names of his children?

Cue a farcical musical romp through American politics, taking on border control, foreign policy and the media machine along the way.

Of course, the plot is merely an excuse to rattle through the showtunes and these are delivered with great vigour. There are plenty of visual gags too, executed with deft comic timing and lapped up gleefully by the audience. All the obvious targets are there but given some new twists – Fox News is led by a mute stuffed animal while Joe Biden appears as a substance-abusing reprobate. A cracking hour of unabashed entertainment.

Just The Tonic @ The Caves, 23-29 Aug, 1.45pm, £6 (£5)