Lizzy Mace & Juliette Burton: Rom Com Con

Review by Bernard O'Leary | 16 Aug 2011
  • Lizzy Mace & Juliette Burton: Rom Com Con

Compulsive viewing of rom-coms is a common form of self-harm amongst single women. In this sweet and funny show, Lizzy Mace and Juliette Burton find themselves suddenly single and instead of just wishing they lived in a romantic comedy, they got out there and tried it for themselves.

The approach is semi-scientific, as the girls work systematically through the movies, trying out methods of meeting Mr. Right. They flirt on trains, kiss strangers in bars, call up old crushes, deliberately try to make enemies and basically attempt everything short of prostitution (like in Pretty Woman). It's a great journey, interspersed with video testimonials from friends who have been more successful in love.

They also tackle some of the trickier elements of the romcom theory, exploring whether love might just be a chemical reaction in the brain, and in a very strong closing sequence they offer an empowering reinterpretation of the genre which is far more than just needing a man to be happy.

They've paced this show like a romcom, so there are hilarious set-pieces, obstacles to be overcome, some genuine poignancy and a satisfying conclusion. This is the feel-good hit of the summer, guaranteed to make you smile.


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Lizzy Mace & Juliette Burton: Rom Com Con, Medina, August 6-28, 12:05

Part of the PBH Free Fringe