Jenny Collier @ Underbelly, Med Quad

A pleasant and enjoyable first hour from Jenny Collier

Review by Tony Makos | 25 Aug 2016
  • Jenny Collier

Jenny Collier admits she has never seen the film on which her show’s title is based, but that doesn’t seem to matter as her style is gentle, observational, and not beholden to themes or gimmicks. That is, aside from the finale, which involves a ramshackle recreation of a famous scene from Ben-Hur, but this seems like an unnecessary concession.

Soft-spoken and chatty while still seeming a little bit hesitant, this is unchallenging but warm-hearted stand-up, although a seeming obsession with Latin grammar suggests she could find potential if she allowed herself more time with obscure material. While Collier’s anecdotes about her work history and the ups and downs of trying to follow her dreams are most certainly not as epic as that show title would suggest, it is endearing, familiar, and appealing.

Jenny Collier: Jen-Hur, Underbelly Med Quad (Clover), 3-28 Aug, 5.30pm, £6-10