Breathe In
Breathe In
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Film Review

Film title
Breathe In
Drake Doremus
Guy Pearce, Felicity Jones, Amy Ryan, Mackenzie Davis
Release date
19 Jul

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Breathe In opens the Edinburgh International Film Festival on 19 Jun, 9.15pm at Festival Theatre

EIFF 2013: Breathe In

4/5 stars
Film review by Kirsty Leckie-Palmer.
Published 19 June 2013

Music teacher Keith (Pierce) is fighting suburban suffocation. He sneaks guilty cigarettes and regretful pauses as he considers what might have been if he chased rock-stardom. His brittle wife, Megan (Ryan), disparages him with ego-smashing candour, while his adolescent daughter, Lauren (Davis), is preoccupied with peer pressure. When exchange student Sophie (Jones) arrives from the UK with a trunkful of musical talent and insight beyond her years, the cracks in the family’s ornamental upstate life threaten irreparable rupture.

Breathe In sighs desire with the restraint of a Victorian novel, letting the mise-en-scène whisper unutterable truths. Longing scuffs the edges of old photographs and sidles between the records and dreams shelved in Keith’s study, tension unravels like the chiffon bows Megan ties around her tasteful gifts. Director Drake Doremus conducts his ensemble through improvised dialogue to concordant effect, and the chemistry between Pierce and Jones is startling as a storm-blown Chopin étude. It’s a simple refrain, and familiar, but played this well it resonates like a symphony.