Spot the Difference March 2017

Just answer the simple question below - Sun 26 Mar

Two cats: spot the difference March 2017

Stairedy Cats

At first glance these images seem indistinguishable, but like any good M. C. Escher picture, it’s all a trick of the eye.

You see, there are a few important differences between these images. One’s a mind-boggling lithograph, the other a photo of a kitten’s gaff. One features a badly designed staircase, the other a happy feline homebase. One’s a catacomb, the other a cat’s, er, home. You get the picture.

But which one’s which? Take a step back, get a bit of purr-spective and see if you can spot the difference and let the cat out of the bag. Meow-be you’ll end up our lucky winner and land a copy of The Abundance by Annie Dillard, courtesy of our pawsome pals at Canongate. What you waiting for – cat got your tongue? No prEscher.

Competition closes midnight Sun 26 Mar. The winner will be notified via email within two working days of closing and will be required to respond within 48 hours or the prize will be offered to another entrant. Our Ts&Cs can be found at

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