Sofie Hagen plans marathon live stream

The comedian joins forces with Mark Watson for a marathon livestream

Feature by Jenni Ajderian | 20 Apr 2017
  • Sofie Hagan

From midday on Tuesday (25 Apr), 2015 Edinburgh Newcomer Award winner Sofie Hagen, and comedian-slash-novelist Mark Watson, are to embark on a marathon live-stream interview from their base in London. Described by Hagen as "the longest Facebook Live interview that we can possibly survive", the pair are aiming to keep going for as long as physically possible while never going off-camera.

Though no firm target has been set so far, Watson has plenty of experience managing and performing in comedy shows that last over 24 hours, and Hagen has been interviewing comedians for years on various podcasts, most recently her Made of Human podcast. Mystery special guests, challenges and technical tomfoolery are to be expected. 

Viewers can watch the live-stream from Sofie Hagen's Facebook page on Tuesday. The interview is set to launch Hagen's tour of her new show Dead Baby Frog, which Watson is producing. Watson's own tour starts in September, only visiting towns that start with M or W. 

To date, the record for longest uninterrupted live stream stands at 150 hours (six-and-a-quarter days), held by Germany's Lifestyler TV. Hagen announced the live-stream as part of the latest edition of Made of Human, in which she and Watson discuss empathy, comedy, confidence and Derren Brown while sipping gin and tonics. Listen to the show below.