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Kunt is at The Hive, Edinburgh on March 30, 20 Rocks, Falkirk on March 31, and 13th Note, Glasgow on April 1. For ticket details and to download Kunt's new CD, 'Sloppy Seconds', visit: www.kuntandthegang.co.uk

Kunt & The Gang: 'I'm Nelson Mandela with catchier tunes"

The most controversial act of last year's Fringe, Kunt & The Gang talk about life after cockgate and what he'd like to do to Pippa Middleton
Feature by Barrie Morgan.
Published 28 March 2012

During the fallout from 'Cockgate' back in August 2011 you seemed to attract more fans and gather a lot of attention. How has that continued since?

It hasn't! It was a bit like having a one hit wonder in that there was a bit of fuss for a very short period of time then I just went back to playing my normal gigs. The weird thing about the Fringe is you're ensconsed in this little bubble where things seem like a really big deal and it's only after you get back to Essex that you realise no one gives a flying fuck about 'Cockgate', having selfishly been more concerned with not having their house burnt out in the riots.

You also seemed to shy away from these new fans a bit as they were not necessarily your target audience. Is it a worry for you to attract attention from people that might end up looking into your comedy too much, or missing the point of your comedy?

As long as the people that come along look like they are enjoying the show I don't really care whether they are proper people or Fringe chin-strokers. I don't really have a target audience - there's a genuine crossover crowd that comes and sees us regularly, which is just as likely to include punks or metallers as students or beer blokes. I sometimes look out at the people from their various social strata and see them laughing at the same things and think, I'm helping to bring people together. A bit like Nelson Mandela but with catchier tunes.

Kunt's Tribute to Amy Winehouse, 'Amy (It's A Terrible Shamey)'

Now that you're a star at the Fringe, do you plan to sell out and move to a big venue?

We're keeping it real on the Free Festival this year, but moving to the City Café. The way some of the other promoters threw their toys out the pram last year over a few cock stickers on their posters made me not want to have anything to do with them, even if they were prepared to have us on, which they wouldn't have been anyway so everyone's happy.

What do you think of people in comedy who do sell out?

These things are all driven by public demand so all the time people are up for paying the money and seeing those huge shows they'll carry on. If I thought I could fill out Wembley Arena at 50 quid a ticket I'd be all over it. Unfortunately for me there doesn't seem to be much of a mainstream market for electropop songs about rape and paedophilia.

On a lighter note, apparently the world is going to end in December of this year. Any plans for the day before?

As long as you can assure me that it really will end, I am going to set aside the morning before to quickly say goodbye to my friends and family. Then I will find a derelict warehouse where I can take Pippa Middleton and [editor's note - the remainder of this section has been deleted for legal reasons. All 8000 words of it].

Kunt classic: 'Let's Send Nan To Dignitas'

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  • This act has never been part of the Free Fringe, despite what your article says. This act will not be part of the Free Fringe in 2012. The City Cafe is not currently a Free Fringe venue. The Free Fringe does not endorse this act and does not support the defacing of other acts' posters.

    Posted by Peter Buckley Hill | Thursday 29 March 2012 @ 16:35

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  • Apologies Peter and I'll amend this article. To clarify, Kunt was a part of the Laughing Horse Free Festival last year, not the PBH Free Fringe. Sorry for any confusion

    Posted by Bernard | Thursday 29 March 2012 @ 16:53

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  • For a comedian, you would think that Peter Buckley Hill would reply in a more humourous fashion rather than the po-faced drone that his reply indicates.

    Posted by daz | Thursday 29 March 2012 @ 17:11

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  • @DAZ....Are you sure Peter Buckley Hill is a comedian, because he seriously lacks a sense of humour...lol

    Considering that many comedians use the defamation of other people in their acts to raise a laugh, the use of some promotional stickers by Kunt to promote his act and get himself noticed only served to make the posters on which the stickers were placed more humorous! It really begs the question of just how sad, needy and desperate for attention are some of the comedians who complained that the stickers were on their posters! To be honest, some of the acts that complained really need to take a look at their own material before trying to take the moral high road!
    Good thing is, I know which comedians I will not be going to see next time!

    Posted by Nicola | Thursday 29 March 2012 @ 18:10

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  • @Nicola

    I hear what you're saying but in the majority of cases it wasn't the comedians that complained about the poster defamation last August but their publicists/pa's/waiters/mothers/long lost uncles etc. Most comedians took the whole thing with a much needed pinch of salt, which was great to see.
    Also, Peter Buckley Hill is an awesome comedian. I 'experienced' his live show last year for the first time and it really was refreshing and rather unique compared to some of the mainstream dross that get's fired our way year in, year out.


    Sorry for the confusion. My bad. Hopefully Bernard can amend that shortly.

    Posted by Barrie | Thursday 29 March 2012 @ 18:34

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  • Kunt is a genius - a brilliant show last year, and his cocks really stood up (pun most definitely intended) for the free/alternative/small-players at the Fringe against the silly huge corporations that dominate the Fringe these day - and those devoid of a sense of humour like the po-faced first comment above!

    Posted by Ben the Comic | Friday 30 March 2012 @ 00:46

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  • @Peter
    From the sounds of how joyless and pedantic your existence must be, I don't think Kunt and the gang will be losing too much sleep over your non-endorsement

    Posted by Gladys T | Friday 30 March 2012 @ 09:47

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  • I should point out, for those that don't know, that there's a long and bitter feud between the Free Fringe and Free Festival. As rivalries go, it's somewhere between Rangers V Celtic and Israel V Palestine.

    Posted by Bernard | Friday 30 March 2012 @ 10:51

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