Slabs of the Tabernacle 031: Lone (Live) @ La Cheetah Club, 5 Feb

Article by Jodie Barnaby | 01 Feb 2011
  • Slabs of the Tabernacle 031: Lone (Live)

Slabs of the Tabernacle at La Cheetah in Glasgow is looking to bring in some huge talent this year. The first-Saturday-of-the-month dance night is hosting Nottingham-born producer extraordinaire Lone on 5 Feb for the first time. Born Matt Cutler, Lone is a self-described ‘bedroom producer’ who has made a fairly huge impact on the underground house scene with his futurist jackin' sound.

Lone released his first album Lemurian, strongly influenced by hip-hop and early 90s hardcore, back in 2008 on Dealmaker records. He now co-operates his own record label Magic Wire Recordings, on which he released his monster club hit Pineapple Crush – a track that undoubtedly established him as one to watch. His sound is a fascinating mixture of old and new that never fails to be appealing.

His latest album Emerald Fantasy Tracks shows Lone to have found a sound he can really call his own, effortlessly mixing elements of Chicago and NYC into his futuristic sound. He has a real knack for creating some of the most interesting synthetic textures that can sound retro yet futuristic at the same time. Lone will be joined by SOTT alum Brian d’Souza and Andrew Ingram. You know it’s going to be busy.


Slabs of the Tabernacle 031: Lone (Live), 05 February at 11pm-3am. £8 before midnight, £10 after