This Is Life
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This Is Life
Dan Rhodes

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Release date 1 March. Published by Canongate. Cover price £12.99.

This Is Life by Dan Rhodes

4/5 stars
Book review by Megan Agnew.
Published 29 February 2012

Misguided but enthusiastic heroine Aurelie Renard is struggling to come up with a project for Art College which will blow the socks off her lecherous professor and the art department. With minutes to spare before having to reveal her proposal, an idea creeps into her mind which will not only give her the kudos she seeks; it will alter the course of her life. From then on we see a weeks’ worth of adventure, mystery and romance as Aurelie exacts her project in ways she never imagined.

Rhodes’ portrayal of character within backstreet Parisian streets is quirky and humorous and throws up a host of minor characters which allows him to explore the riddles of human nature and the complications life throws in one's path. Alongside both current and new friendships and relationships, Aurelie must learn how to manage his new life and the responsibilities she must face. Battling unpredictability, she finds her own individual way of adapting (and the Amelie comparison is deliberate). With its own witty, fresh style, the book doesn’t disappoint.