Love Sex Travel Musik by Rodge Glass

Book Review by Galen O'Hanlon | 01 Apr 2013
  • Love Sex Travel Musik
Book title: Love Sex Travel Musik
Author: Rodge Glass

Sharing a theme of cheap air travel, these short stories reflect on a world lubricated by flights that cost less than lunch. Far from realising their dreams of far-flung countries, the characters find a globalised world where cultures spill over and leak into one another. Buried in each story is the same quote from André Gide, exploring the idea that, although expectations of grand discovery are always thwarted (a character in Uruguay remarks that ‘it’s hardly Columbus territory’), there is always ‘an unexpected education’ to be found in the disappointment that follows. Whether that is a major epiphany or minor clarification, ‘you’ll be glad you didn’t stay at home.’

Rodge Glass uses first, second, and third person narration for these stories, launching each one in a different style only to arrive at a voice that lands in the same place. As the world slips towards an homogenous gloop of love sex travel music, the only truly exotic place left on earth is inside your head. [Galen O'Hanlon]


Published 22 Apr by Freight, RRP £8.99