Edinburgh Street Furniture by David Brandon

Book Review by Tina Koenig | 26 Jan 2012
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Book title: Edinburgh Street Furniture
Author: David Brandon

Edinburgh Street Furniture is an informative guide to the capital’s landmarks and streets. Fittingly,  it’s written by historian David Brandon who knows plenty about the city so who better to inform you about all the little bits you have no clue about? The book gives a contemporary account of places with a historical edge. Brandon simply wouldn’t be a true historian if there wasn’t a short introduction on the city’s past which offers fascinating facts on how it came to be. It’ll make you flash back and try to imagine what the slum-like conditions of the Old Town were like filled with crime, deprivation and despair.

Why is the Balmoral Hotel’s clock two minutes fast? Why do roads in Morningside have biblical names? Even if you think you know lots about Auld Reekie don’t dismiss this book. After reading you should be more clued up about a unique city with a dark past, and next time you walk around Edinburgh you’ll feel all the wiser. An insightful text for tourists and locals alike. [Tina Koenig]

Out now. Published by Amberley Publishing. Cover price £12.99