Captain Hate and the Golden Babies @ HAUNT

A new art space is launched in a back alley off Argyle Street, Glasgow. Known as <strong>HAUNT</strong>, it’s a smelly little corner of the city perfect for doing things you don’t want others to know about and will play host to a new performance by <strong>Captain Hate</strong> called <em>The Golden Babies and the New Aesthetic</em> – which sounds in every way terrifying. We ask the Captain to shed a little light on the event

Article by Andrew Cattanach | 12 May 2011
  • Captain Hate

Who is Captain Hate and why should we care?

Captain Hate's majestic nihilism is renowned throughout the land and your self-destruction is his forte. He’ll play on your insecurities like he would a Couchet harpsichord or a Kreutzer Stradivarius. He will take pleasure in fucking you over and fucking you up. Captain Hate is everything you’ve ever wanted in a man and a little bit more – a little bit more degradation (yours), a little bit more weakness (yours), a little bit more... hate.

Is this the Captain's first appearance?

Captain Hate is everywhere and nowhere (baby).

Does Captain Hate hate a lot of things? Is that why he’s called Captain Hate? Or is he a more caring individual?

Captain Hate wallows in the emotional spoil heaps littering the Dear Green Place.

How did you get involved in HAUNT and what do you understand HAUNT is?

HAUNT is a celebration of the lost and the reforgotten. HAUNT, like Captain Hate, is a manifestation of Glasgow's Secret Dread.

What will you be doing on the night? I hear there will be a performance. Is this true?

Friday the 13th of May is the inaugural event in a series of ritual tableaux designed to Make Glasgow Miles Better or die trying. On the night an offering will be made to the Giant Weasel God Kamaitachi.

Will there be anything left for people to see later or will it all be done and dusted on the night, leaving no trace?

The Golden Babies will spread around the city like a plague of little shining avatars, reminding us that it is oh so good to be alive. Oh, and all turds will turn to gold.

What is the title all about? What are these golden babies and what is the new aesthetic?

The Golden Babies are cute little psychopomps leading the people of Glasgow toward A New Aesthetic that teaches us how to appreciate the deep mysteries redolent in the Everyday. This New Aesthetic transcends the redundant either/or ness of our current mystico-materialist paradigm, moving towards a limitless realm that stretches beyond the perceived limits of time itself!

How do you feel about being in that horrible, shitty alley with all the gallons of piss and hep B lying around?

Captain Hate has used that alleyway more than once...

HAUNT, Old Wynd Lane, Trongate, Glasgow

Preview: Fri 13 May, 7-10pm, performance 8pm

Exhibition runs 13 May - 3 Jun, 24/7